Shop Local  – Your New Computer!

Why? Well, when it comes to new computer systems, the big boys can’t compete with a skilled local system builder. Sure, their prices may be a bit cheaper up front, but in the long run, when you purchase from a local professional system builder, you’ll end up way ahead.

How many times have you had to call “tech support” to get help with a problem. How many of those times were you frustrated? Can’t understand the tech on the other end of the line? Waited in an endless phone queue? Been disconnected, only to have to wade through myriad menus all over again. And once you finally do get someone, you have to explain your problem. Again and again.

With a skilled local system builder, you will experience none of these issues. Why? Many reasons. But the most important are as follows:

1). The guy you get on the phone designed your system. Each and every part.

2). The guy you get on the phone built your system. By hand. One part at a time.

3). The guy you get on the phone knows your system better than you do. See #1 and #2!

4). The guy you get on the phone cares. Why? Simple. He wants you to call, and your friends to call when help is needed with a computer.

5). The guy you get on the phone lives in Wappingers Falls. Long before you get to “The End of Your Rope” he will offer to stop by and either fix your system onsite, or take her back to “The Spa” where she’ll be pampered. After all, she was born here.

6). Our warranty literally spanks the big-boys. They offer a 1 year warranty. Once it expires, you’re out of luck. We also offer a 1 year warranty. But here’s the catch. All the components in our systems are warranted from between 1-5 years. If the component is still under warranty from the manufacturer, we’ll replace it free. Every time.

This system was built, just today, November 23, 2011 for the Volino’s in Millbrook, NY.


Take a look inside. Yes, neatness counts. Every wire and cable is neatly routed and properly secured. Open up your “big-box” PC and compare.

And yes, even the parts you’ll never see are properly routed.

Your local IT Professional can offer this and much, much more. Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Don’t waste your valuable time shuffling through the never ending tech support queue. Call (845) 337-0832.

Hudson Technology Consulting, LLC – Fast, Friendly, Local